A ‘Compassionate’ Episode in Anglo - Ottoman History: British Relief to the ‘93 	Refugees (1877-78)

The 1877-78 Russo-Turkish War, known in Turkish sources by its Rumi date: '93 Harbi, has been thoroughly studied through political and military lenses. The mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of Ottoman subjects before the advancing Russian armies was a major humanitarian calamity, one with possibly more long-term historical consequences than the mere shifting of borders. Despite its significance, it has received relatively humble attention in the pages of history. This book attempts to illuminate a lesser known aspect of this subject, in particular, the general voluntary relief efforts on the part of the British people for the Ottoman refugees (the '93 Refugees). This book covers the activities of both the institutions and the prominent figures of this endeavor, against the background of humanitarian diplomacy. In doing so, it provides the reader with an intimate look into a "compassionate" episode in late 19th century Anglo-Ottoman history.

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A ‘Compassionate’ Episode in Anglo - Ottoman History: British Relief to the ‘93 Refugees (1877-78)


Sena Hatip Dinçyürek

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History– 71
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Chapter I The Historical Background

A. Political Developments and Anglo-Ottoman Relations in the Third Quarter of the 19th Century

i. A Turning Point: The Crimean War, 1853-1856

ii. The Bosnian Upheaval of 1875

iii. The Triumph of Agitation: The Bulgarian Crisis of 1876

iv. 1876: The Ottoman- Serbia, Montenegro War

v. The Russo-Turkish War, 1877-78

B. The '93 Refugees

i. Terminology

ii. The Causes of the Exodus

iii. The Structure of the Influx

iv. The Volume of the Influx

v. The Relief Effort

C. Victorian Philanthropy in the Ottoman Empire

i. The Victorian Understanding and Application of Philanthropy

ii. The Emergence of British Relief in the Ottoman Empire

iii. Benevolence as a Political Tool

Chapter II Humanitarian Diplomacy

A. British Diplomacy and Relief to the Refugees of the 1877-78 War

B. Austen Henry Layard: The British Ambassador to the Porte (1877-1880)

C. The Role of the British Consular Network

D. British Concerns over Muslim Public Opinion

Chapter III The Turkish Compassionate Fund

A. The Origins of the Fund

i. Angela Burdett-Coutts: "A Soul of Boundless Philanthropy"

ii. The Founding

iii. Contributions to the Fund

iv. The Recipients of the Relief

v. The Agents of Relief

B. Operations of the Fund

i. The Methods

ii. The Relief Establishments of the Compassionate Fund

iii. The Content of Relief

iv. The Mission of Constance

v. Major Relief Centres

vi. Ahmed Vefik Pasha

C. The Achievements of the Fund

D. The End of Operations: "As you have done to us, so may God do to you and your houses forever"

Chapter IV Unplanned Assistance

A. The Ladies Committee

i. The Origins of the Committee and Its Changing Role

ii. The Employment of Refugee Women

iii. The Committee's Financial Sources

iv. In the Presence of the Sultan

v. Şefkat Nişanı: The Order of Mercy

vi. Continuing the Work

B. The Stafford House Committee

i. The Foundation

ii. Helping the Combatants: the Operations of the Committee

iii. An Innocent Transgression: Succouring the Refugees

iv. The Major Stafford House Contributions to the '93 Refugees

v. The Sultan's Attitude

vi. Closing Down Operations

C. The British Red Cross (the National Society for Aid to the Sick and Wounded in War)

i. The Beginning of the Operations: The Arrival of the Belle of Dunkerque

ii. The Encounter with the Refugees

iii. Cooperation with Other Societies

iv. Unexpected Incidents: The Death of Dr. Meyrick and the Captivity of the British Doctors

v. The End of Operations


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