Rosa Sanchez

Rosa Sánchez studied French and Iberoromanic Philology at the University of Basel (Switzerland) where she obtained her PhD on Iberoromanic Linguistics with a thesis on Fictive Orality and Linguistic Variation in the Judeo-Spanish Dialogical Genres (soon to be published) and where she has been teaching classes in Spanish Linguistics since 2005.

Currently she is preparing a Postdoctoral Project on the subject of Spanish-language newspapers published in New York during the first half of the 20th century, part of which will be realized at the City University of New York. Her research areas deal mainly with Judeo-Spanish, fictive orality and the minority press from a linguistic perspective. Among other publications, she is co-editor together with Marie-Christine Bornes Varol of La pressejudéo-espagnole, support et vecteur de la modernité published in 2014 in Libra Kitap.

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