Atacan Atakan

Atacan Atakan is a native Turkish scholar from Ankara. He received his BA from Bilkent University, in Ankara from the Department of Global and International Affairs as part of a dual diploma program with SUNY. He graduated from Bilkent in 2011 as a top student of his department. He received his master degree in 2014 at Bogazici University in Istanbul from the Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish History where he worked on his master’s thesis. His master thesis was about one of the children’s magazine, Talebe Defteri, published in the late Ottoman period. He analyzed this magazine through the filter of nationalism and modernity. Currently, he is a third year PhD student and a teaching assistant at the University of Arizona in the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies. He is working on a double minor in the Department of History and the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies. His research interests include social history of the late Ottoman period, childrens’ literature, childrens’ magazines, childrens’ sexuality and everyday lives of children in the same period, the Ottoman women’s movement, Ottoman female authors, intellectual history of the late Ottoman Empire, nationalism, feminist theories, and body politics. He speaks English and Arabic. For his PhD dissertation, he is working on childrens’ sexuality in the late Ottoman period.

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