Gülce BaserBorn in Germany in 1973. She studied at Bosphorus University in the Business Administration Department and was awarded her B.A. degree in 1996 and an M.A. in Modern Turkish History from the same university in 2011. She graduated with a thesis on the Politics of the Poetic Tendencies in Turkey, within the 1980-1990 decade under the influence of a military coup and participation process to the neoliberal global economy in the country. She has worked in various sectors as a sales and marketing specialist, journalist, author and editor.

She has prepared numerous news pages as the page editor in Varlık, (2003-2008 and 2011-), and Yasakmeyve (2003-2008). Her poems, articles and interviews have been published in various literary magazines supplements of newspapers. She won the Cemal Süreya Poetry Prize (The special prize of the Elective Committee) with her first book Bir Delinin Gülcesi in 2008. Bir Ceset Bir Söz was selected as the best criminal novel of 2015 by the Literary Supplement of the Dünya newspaper. She currently works as the editor for Yasakmeyve and Komşu Publishing company. She is also Secretary General at the Intercultural Poetry and Translation Academy. Her poems, interviews, articles, essays and reviews have been regularly published in literary magazines such as Varlık, Yasakmeyve, Cumhuriyet Kitap, Eşik Cini, Siyahi, Heves, Şiir Saati, Siyahi, Duvar, Mühür, Peyniraltı Edebiyat, Kara Kalem, Gazete Ege, and Yeni E.

Poetry Books: Bir Delinin Gülcesi (2008) (The Rosiness of Madwoman), Hanımefendi Kızıldır (2012) (The Lady is Scarlett), Sokak Şeker Kokuyor (2016) (The Street Smells of Sugar). Novel: Bir Ceset Bir Söz (2015) (A Corpse, A Promise).

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