Ayça Erinç Yıldırım

Dr. Ayça Erinç YILDIRIM completed her undergraduate education in Hacettepe University, Department of History in 1998. In 2003, she got her master’s degree in Çukurova University, Department of Educational Sciences and in 2012, her Ph.D. at Middle East Technical University, Department of History.

Her dissertation entitled “History and Education in the İnönü Era: Changes and Continuities on Perceptions of History and its Reflections on Educational Practices”, written under supervision of Prof. Dr. Seçil Karal Akgün, has been granted two awards. One was the Best Thesis in History Doctoral Program in Middle East Technical University Graduate School of Social Sciences 2011-2012 Academic Year and the other was METU Faculty of Arts and Sciences Kalbiye Tansel Publication Award of 2013.

Dr. Ayça Erinç YILDIRIM is working at Bülent Ecevit University, Department of History since 2013. Educational and cultural policies of the Turkish Republic, historical understanding, history education and labor history are among her main fields of interests.

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